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Advancing e-Business among Textile and Clothing SMEs in Greece and Hungary using UBL and ebXML

In 2008, the European textile and clothing industry (according to data provided by Euratex, the European Apparel and Textile Confederation) was comprised of 160.000 companies that employed a total of 2.350 million employees.
The textile and clothing supply chain in Europe is characterised by a large presence of small and medium size enterprises, with an average number of 16.6 employees per company in the EU of 27. Long term trends of globalization and trade liberalization have challenged the competitiveness of the textile industry in Europe.

RELAX-NG compact schemas for UBL 2.0 and UBL SGTG 2.1 snapshot schemas

This is a package of RELAX-NG compact syntax schemas for editing and validating instances of UBL 2.0 and draft UBL 2.1 schemas.


2 Aug 2010 - 6 Aug 2010
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UBL TC Face-to-face

Montréal, Québec, Canada
9 Aug 2010 - 13 Aug 2010
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Practical Code List Implementation

Trondheim, Norway
4 Jun 2010
Event Type: 
Training Class

Practical Universal Business Language Deployment

Trondheim Norway
2 Jun 2010 - 3 Jun 2010
Event Type: 
Training Class

Use "local" elements in a UBL based message

In our organisation we will implement an ESB to transfer messages from one system to another. We intend to use a number of standard UBL messages (for example invoice, quotation, request for quotation, order). They consist all the elements we need.

However, not all messages we need are available in UBL (for example project calculation, project productions). We are now trying to create messages using UBL components as much as possible. Is it possible to add "local" set of elements to such a message like project information. How should this be done?

Denmark helps businesses with national e-invoicing system

In order to facilitate business with the government and among the industry, the Danish Government deployed a national e-invoicing service, called ‘NemHandel’. It allows businesses to send standardised UBL e-invoices through the internet. Based on open and common standards, NemHandel also allows businesses to send e-invoices which were generated in their internal ERP or invoicing systems.

UN/CEFACT survey of standards for eBusiness, Government and Trade

For several years the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and
Electronic Business (CEFACT) has been developing a set of electronic
standards for international trade data. Progress has been slower than
had been hoped for, and CEFACT is currently reassessing stakeholder
needs and priorities to ensure that its work is addressing the most
urgent requirements. The UN/CEFACT project teams responsible are
consulting those already involved in CEFACT’s work as well as a
selection of stakeholders that are not, in order to submit a report to
CEFACT by the end of February 2010.

Introduction to Code List Implementation

Internet lecture - free delivery
4 Mar 2010
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