A Semantic based Solution for the Interoperability of UBL Schemas


Universal Business Language (UBL) is an initiative to develop common business document chemas to provide document interoperability in the electronic business domain. However, businesses operate in different industry, geopolitical, and regulatory contexts and they have different rules and requirements for the information they exchange. As a result, several trading communities may prefer to ailor the UBL schemas to their needs. When these communities using different customizations wish to ommunicate, there is a need to translate their schemas to each other.

In this paper, we describe how to enhance UBL with semantics-based translation mechanisms to maintain the interoperability between documents conforming to different schema versions. For this purpose, we develop a Component Ontology for UBL using the Web Ontology Language to represent the semantics of individual components and their relationships within schemas. This ontology allows the utilization of descriptive logic reasoners for the discovery of similar components and the automation of the translation process.

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