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Code List Hands-on Training

Copenhagen, Denmark
20 Oct 2009
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Training Class

ebManager NAV v1.3.0 (Unimaze Software)


ebManager NAV is a complete solution for the handling of electronic invoices in Dynamics NAV (formerly called Navision, Navision Financials and Navision Attain). You can now export and import electronic invoices, credit notes and dispute responses according to the acknowledged UBL 2.0 document standard.

In version 1.3.0 we currently support these business profiles:

ebComposer UBL v1.2.2 (Unimaze Software)

ebComposer UBL

ebComposer UBL is a software library for creating and parsing UBL 2.0 documents in the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and COM/OLE containers. The over 1200 elements of UBL 2.0 are broken down into 130 manageable and reusable classes.

Dycode Software: SimpleUBL

SimpleUBL is a cross-platform complete Universal Business Language 2.0 implementation library for C++, .Net, and COM/OLE Automation applications.

You can simply create, parse and validate electronic documents without concern about XML language.

cbc cac



hi ,

a very basic question:

what does cbc and cac mean in UBL (e.g <cbc:IssueDate>) ? 

XML Prague 2010

Prague, Czech Republic
13 Mar 2010 - 14 Mar 2010
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Basic Picture

Is the basic picture here that you have XSD files that define the components of XML files, with each component having a name and some constraints as defined in the XSD files, and having a prefic that is the code that distinguishes which XSD file the component is defined in.

2. Basically correct?

 I have downloaded the two zip files.

2. Do you merge the contents of the two folders that unzip? If so what do you do with names that are the same in both folders?

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introduction to the type udt:IdentifierType


I'm new to the UBL-specification and would like to understand the udt:IdentifierType which is used in e.g. the element cbc:ID in UBL-Invoice2.xsd. The type is derived through the common basic component.xsd.

Can someone give me some basic understanding how this type should be used? What does the different attributes schemeID, schemeName, schemeAgencyID, schemeAgencyName, schemeVersionID, schemeDataURI, schemeURI stand for? If possible please add values for these attributes to show usage of it.


thanks in advance!

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Electronic Procurement opens doors to cross-border business within the EU

The European Commission is now  making  it easier for companies, in particular Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), to bid for public sector contracts anywhere in EU, thus making  a crucial step towards  the Single European Market.

SRDC Ltd.: iSURF eDoCreator 1.0 beta

The iSURF eDoCreator 1.0 beta: Electronic Document Design and Customization Tool allows creation and customization of UN/CEFACT Core Components Technical Specification (CCTS) based document schemas. With its Web accessible user interface, the user are allowed to work collaboratively.

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