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News lets the community share announcements, press releases, and recommended news articles relevant to UBL. (Educational materials that are not time-sensitive are listed at Articles and white papers.)

MSC Belgium chooses UBL as e-Invoice XML format

"MSC Belgium selected the OASIS UBL (Universal Business Language) Invoice
XML standard which is widely gaining traction in national and
international contexts."

CEN PC 434 "Electronic invoicing - Semantic data model" out for balloting (Enquiry)

The CEN PC 434 publication "Electronic invoicing - Semantic data model of the core elements of an electronic invoice" has reached its Enquiry stage following the CEN standards development process.

OASIS UBL Universal Business Language Standard Approved by ISO and IEC

The official press release from OASIS, ISO and IEC is now published at:

Microsoft and Tradeshift - one step nearer to a universal business language

I sometimes wonder why I bother investing my time and energy in developing standards for eBusiness.


The returns seem so tenuous.  The challenges are complex and the frustrations irritating.


I am not surprised that so many talented people lose patience and stop spending their time in endless teleconferences, reading unfathomable reports or dealing with childish egos and power politics.


Yuki spreekt vloeiend UBL - Dutch drivers get the message!

Do you speak UBL? 

Huh? UBL? This question aroused the curiosity of Dutch motorists this summer.

Dutch ERP company Yuki ( were so proud to announce their facility for electronic invoicing in the OASIS UBL format that they ran a two-week billboard campaign around the ten largest cities in the Netherlands.

ISO/IEC FDIS 19845 UBL 2.1 ballot in hands of national bodies

The final ballot for OASIS Universal Business Language 2.1 to become the International Standard ISO/IEC 19845 is now in the hands of national bodies for their vote.

The votes are due June 22, 2015, at which point ISO/IEC will tally the support for this final document to be published as it is.

Country citizens and companies worldwide who are interested in UBL are encouraged to bring their own national body's attention to this important ballot, expressing their support for a vote of approval.

New Committee Notes published

OASIS is pleased to announce the approval and publication of two OASIS Committee Notes by the members of the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) TC. 

The first is a Committee Note describing the governance of the process to propose, accept and incorporate changes to the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) 2 specifications.

There is also a Committee Note defining the possible mappings of IFTM components to the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) version 2.1.

For details see the Committee Published Supporting Materials page

Video tutorials on Understanding the Universal Business Language

I have made available (via YouTube) a series of online video tutorials to assist in understanding UBL.

They are listed on the UBL Presentations page. 

OASIS UBL 2.1 now a European referable standard

Commission Implementing Decision of 31 October 2014 on the identification of Universal Business Language version 2.1 for referencing in public procurement

Article 1 (Decision)

Universal Business Language version 2.1 developed by the Organization
for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards is eligible for
referencing in public procurement.

How UBL is a key part of the future for public procurement.

A guest blog by Christian Lanng published by Neelie Kroes the Vice-President of the European Commission emphasizes the significance of the EU project PEPPOL ("Pan-European Public Procurement Online") for the UK's National Health Service and other public procurement initiatives.  

PEPPOL specifications are based on profiles of UBL developed by the CEN workshop on Business Interoperability Interfaces (BII). Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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