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An UBL Use profile for the European textile, clothing fashion industry at the eBIZ-TCF Conference in Bruxelles

Information about the advancements of the eBIZ-TCF project comes from the successful conclusion of the large-scale European Conference for a common eLanguage for European Textile Clothing Footwear industry promoted by the project. 

OASIS public review of "context/value association using genericode" specification

Please see this UBL-Dev announcement regarding an open public review:

These specifications are used in UBL deployments and can be used with any XML vocabulary.

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Electronic Procurement opens doors to cross-border business within the EU

The European Commission is now  making  it easier for companies, in particular Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), to bid for public sector contracts anywhere in EU, thus making  a crucial step towards  the Single European Market.

European Commission rule changes to give boost to e-invoicing

In January 2009, the European Commission agreed to proposals for a new set of rules designed to eliminate the current barriers to e-invoicing in the VAT Directive by treating paper and electronic invoices equally.

The Commission says the aim of the rule change is to increase the use of electronic invoicing, reduce burdens on business, support small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and to help tackle fraud.

Do you need tools to support document interoperability?

Data interoperability remains an important problem in the industry today which is handled by the mapping experts and data consultants who understand the semantic meaning of each entity in a specific interface and define the mappings among different document artifacts, usually as XSLT rules.

In order to facilitate this costly and tedious process, the OASIS SET TC
has been established.

UBL 2.0 International Data Dictionary for Public Review until January 6th 2009

The OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) TC has recently approved the UBL 2.0 International Data Dictionary as a Committee Draft and approved the package for public review: The public review started 7 November 2008, and ends 6 January 2008. There is an open invitation to comment and feedback from potential users, developers and others, whether OASIS members or not,

Prototype eInvoicing and eOrdering project in Europe

The European Commission IDABC eInvoicing and eOrdering project team has recently reached an important milestone: the delivery of the prototype. It allows the sending of an XML invoice to the Commission's e-PRIOR system and the automatic integration in the back-office system after a number of validations. The major next step is a real-life pilot with a number of IT suppliers.

Public review begins for UBL Guidelines for Customization 1.0

The Universal Business Language (UBL) Guidelines for Customization Version 1.0 provides practical information for creating UBL-conformant and UBL-compatible document schemas.

UBL documents used for collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR).

Within the scope of the iSURF Project supported by the European Commission's Networked Enterprise Unit, ten UBL compatible documents for collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR) were developed.
The iSURF Project Deliverable (available at describes the business processes, the documents and the methodology to generate them.
The archive listed below contains:

Support for Electronic Business Document Interoperability from new OASIS Committee

The OASIS Semantic Support for Electronic Business Document Interoperability (SET) Technical Committee has had its first meeting on Friday 11th July.

The OASIS SET TC aims to specify semantic mechanisms to achieve interoperability among document standards based of UN/CEFACT CCTS used in B2B, B2G and G2G applications by continuing work initiated by the iSURF Project in three respects:

i. Semantic Support for Context Domains

ii. Semantic Support for Customization of Core Components and Business Document Schemas Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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