CEN PC 434 "Electronic invoicing - Semantic data model" out for balloting (Enquiry)

The CEN PC 434 publication "Electronic invoicing - Semantic data model of the core elements of an electronic invoice" has reached its Enquiry stage following the CEN standards development process.

The semantic model includes only the essential information elements that an electronic invoice needs to ensure legal (including fiscal) compliance and to enable interoperability for cross-border, cross sector and for domestic trade. The semantic model may be used by public and private sector organizations for public procurement invoicing. It may also be used for invoicing between private sector enterprises. 

CEN Members may cast their vote and submit (also consultants if any) any comments over the next 3 months. Europeans who wish to contribute to the Enquiry are encouraged to contact their CEN Member organization

Other Working Groups within CEN PC 434 are developing a list of syntaxes and syntax bindings to these and these will be balloted shortly. It is expected these will include mappings to UBL 2.1.

The Enquiry stage has now been concluded.

Comments were received. The responsible Work Streams are requested to resolve these comments and advise the CEN TC on the next step in the development of the deliverable.


Tim McGrath

Managing Director

Document Engineering Services


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