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UBL 2.1 Freight Invoice now final?

We are in the process of implementing the Freight Invoice.

Can we safely make use of draft 3 or will there be further changes to this?

When can we expect the final version to be made available?

Kind regards,

Bent Christensen 

UBL 2.1 begins fourth public review

The long-awaited successor to UBL 2.0 (2006) has begun its fourth public review. See https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl/201305/msg00021.html. Changes from the third public review draft include minor corrections to the documentation and several substantive additions to address issues raised on behalf of the European Commission. The review period ends 8 June 2013 at 23:59 GMT.

About UBL 2.1

UBL- Functional Diference between StockAvailabityReport and Inventory Report



can some one explain the functional diference between StockAvailabityReport.xsd and  Inventory Report.xsd . Because, the UBL explanation appear be the same.



Are we there yet?

The recent publication by OASIS of the AS4 Profile for ebMS 3.0 signifies the coming of age for the work of ebXML started 14 years ago.

Why this is significant is because in 2013 we will see a mature set of both transport infrastructure and message content standards that have evolved directly from the efforts of those early pioneers.

With ebMS 3.0 (and its various profiles) and UBL (about to publish UBL 2.1) the industry can finally claim a proven framework for eBusiness using XML technologies based on open standards.

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eBIZ-TCF, Harmonising e-Business in the textile/clothing and footwear industry with UBL

The European fashion and high-end industries are global leaders accounting for 10% of European exports.

CEN Workshop on 'Business Interoperability Interfaces on public procurement in Europe' Phase 3 (WS/BII 3)

Barcelona, Spain
21 Mar 2013
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1st European Conference on e-­Public Procurement (ECPP) and 1st Exhibition of European e-Platforms

Barcelona, Spain
20 Mar 2013
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Invinet Sistemes - eInvoicing Free Portal

Invinet Sistemes has launched B2BRouter.net, an electronic invoicing system that allows companies to issue and receive electronic invoices for free using different formats.

Upon registration, the portal allows users to send and receive UBL 2.0 Invoices and Credit Notes through email to customers and from providers.

For advanced users, it is possible to send invoices to Public Authorities in Europe through the PEPPOL Network or to other proprietary networks.

JTC 1/SC 32 Interim Meetings - WG1/WG2

Sante Fe, NM, US
11 Nov 2013 - 15 Nov 2013
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Tradeshift partner with Intuit to create one of the world's biggest e-invoicing networks

Cloud based service provider Tradeshift have announced a new partnership with Intuit that will connect the five million businesses who use QuickBooks onto Tradeshift and create the largest network of companies on one platform that the world has ever seen.

The Tradeshift platform is based on OASIS UBL.

For a discussion on the implications of this see Pete Loughlin's article on PurchasingInsight.

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