Adapting/Extending "Invoice" as "Payment Authorization" for Employees

Has anyone adapted and extended the UBL Invoice to function as a payment authorization for employees?  We use UBL (as well as ISO 20022) to structure data exchange for our pre-payment setup system. At the moment we're experimenting with use of our system for determination of employee salaries under a collective agreement.

If UBL can be used for periodic invoicing of business services under a subscription contract, then it seems adaptable to the periodic payment of worker services under an employment contract.

A bit of searching didn't result in any examples of this. Am I not searching effectively, or has this not been addressed yet?

Joseph Potvin
Xalgorithms Foundation


Personally, no-one has told me that they are using UBL for this purpose, but I see no reason why it cannot be used for most kinds of invoicing and receipting.

Per I recommend that you post your question to the UBL-Dev mail list where there will be a bigger audience for threaded discussions than found here on the community announcement site.

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