Media Release: Supporting Better Business with Open Standards

Exchanging electronic documents involves much more than just choosing a technology. In fact, as when introducing any new business processes, successful implementation requires professional and experienced management and resourcing.

Document Engineering Services is an international consortium of experts supporting universal business interoperability through the use of open standards.

We are a truly virtual business, both in space and time. By providing the right skills, at different times, in different places we are able to provide both the expertise and the coverage required for successful implementation and management of electronic business processes.” says Tim McGrath, the Managing Director of Document Engineering Services.

A significant feature of Document Engineering Services is its focus on implementing electronic document delivery solutions based on open standards. In fact, the Directors of Document Engineering Services are some of the key players in the development of standards such as UN/CEFACT Core Components and the OASIS Universal Business Language standard (UBL).

The business model we have adopted is what we call 'profession open standards'. Facilitating the adoption of open standards by ensuring a professional support team is available to support them.” McGrath said.

"The support of a professional team of experts is the logical next step in the evolution of open business messaging standards such as UBL," said Jon Bosak of Sun Microsystems, chair of the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) Technical Committee. "The staff of Document Engineering Services includes people with world-class XML and business messaging experience and leading experts in the development of OASIS and UN electronic commerce standards.“

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