ebComposer UBL v1.2.2 (Unimaze Software)

ebComposer UBL

ebComposer UBL is a software library for creating and parsing UBL 2.0 documents in the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and COM/OLE containers. The over 1200 elements of UBL 2.0 are broken down into 130 manageable and reusable classes.

Fully supports development in all .NET programming languages (C#, C++, VB.NET and more) as well as in Dynamics NAV (Navision), Dynamics AX (Axapta), VB6 and SAP.

ebComposer UBL is fully schema compliant with UBL 2.0 and reads and writes all 31 UBL 2.0 documents. Documentation of all class hierarchy is provided with full Intellisense support.

A proven and tested product used in our ebManager NAV product for Dynamics NAV and with our customers and partners worldwide since the year 2007.

Unimaze Software

ebComposer UBL features

ebComposer UBL poster (from mibuso.com)


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