Re-release of UBLish v1.0b.kpo for UBL v1.0-beta schemas

UBLish v1.0b.kpo is now available as a simple tool to generate  UBL 1.0-beta schemas.  This re-release version, first released in 2003 Nov 24,  features:

  • Single-package windows-driven installation, including run-time engine, desktop icon, and quick launch icon.  (Original release required separate installation of run-time engine and manual set up of directories)
  • Runs fully on open source run-time interpreter engine Kopio which is hosted on SourceForge under Apache License.  With the standard and consistent licensing terms, it becomes a non-issue in terms of cost, derivation, modification, commercial use, etc.
  • Converts Excel spreadsheet models stored in "xls-dir" into UBL 1.0-beta schemas in "xsd-dir".
  • Converts UBL 1.0-beta schemas stored in "xsd-dir" into Excel spreadsheet models in "xls2-dir"  for round-trip conversion comparisons.
  • On-screen progress report while UBLish works on the conversion.
  • Single-button erasure of all generated schemas to facilitate re-generation.

UBLish is now evolving as an open source  project  on SourceForge under Apache License.  This project has just been approved on SourceForge, and  as a start, I'm re-releasing UBLish v1.0b and hope to eventually catch up to UBLish v2.0 which would generate UBL v2.0 schemas.

Comments, feedbacks, bugs, feature suggestions, developers and users are all welcome!

Chin Chee-Kai


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