Editorial board and editorial policies

Editorial board guidance for this site is provided by members of the OASIS UBL Adoption Subcommittee. Participation in this group is open to all members of OASIS. For information on joining the Subcommittee, contact OASIS Communications.

Participation in UBL.xml.org is open to the entire community. Contributions are governed by the Intellectual Property Rights rules agreed to as Terms of use when registering as a user.

UBL XML.org editorial board members

The chairmen are Kenneth Bengtsson (an OASIS Individual Member) and Todd Albers (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis).  For an up-to date list of all members, please see the committee membership page

Focus areas

Please review the subject matter for each area.  Posters of information to an inappropriate area will be asked to re-post their information.

  • HOME - a read-only list of the latest postings made from across the UBL.xml.org site
  • UBL RESOURCES - for information regarding understanding and using the UBL standard, including specifications, white papers, presentations, etc.
  • CUSTOMIZATIONS - for communities to post mini home-pages linking to their work to bring attention to their customized UBL deployments
  • NEWS - timely information and announcements
  • EVENTS - a calendar of past and upcoming committee meetings and public events 
  • PRODUCTS - commercial, open-source and free products and developer tools
  • SERVICES - commercial services
  • FORUMS - for discussions and question/answer sessions
  • BLOGS - for journals related to UBL that are maintained on this site

Editorial policies

  • Regarding posts to inappropriate areas
    • posters of information in inappropriate areas will be asked to delete and re-post their information to another area of UBL.xml.org; at any point an editor may arbitrarily remove any post they deem to be posted to an inappropriate area or to be spam
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