Purchase Orde location



In The NEtherlands UBL is growing. A lot of bookkeepingprograms are able to import UBL files. 


Now there is some disagreement about the location in the UBL file tag for the Purchase Ordernumber.


Who can give me right location (tag) for a purchase order in a UBL file? 

In UBL the standard "Order" document can be used to submit a new order to a Party. That means that the ID of that Order document is the (Purchase)Order ID.

When the party that received the Order would like to respond to that Order then they will use either the "OrderResponseSimple" for a simple Agree/Reject response, or the more eleborate "OrderResponse" document.

In both cases they will use the "OrderReference" element to populate the reference to the orginal Order ID. (and optionally add a SalesOrderID under which reference this Order is known in on their side)

If the original Order needs to be changed then the "OrderChange" document can be used. This will get its own seperate ID and also a "OrderReference" to the original Order that is being changed.

Kees Duvekot Member of the UBL TC
p.s. these kind of questions can also be submitted to the ubl-dev mailing list. 

Thanks for this answer. I helped me. 


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