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Forum topicHow to extend UBL Order Object for specific to application KrishGanga16 years 33 weeks ago
NewsUBL 2.1 OASIS Standard supported by OASIS membership gkholman06 years 39 weeks ago
NewsVote begins on UBL 2.1 as an OASIS Standard gkholman06 years 39 weeks ago
NewsUBL 2.1 entering membership vote phase gkholman06 years 41 weeks ago
NewsUBL 2.1 Candidate OASIS Standard 60-day Public Review ends October 15, 2013 gkholman06 years 42 weeks ago
NewsA commentary in three parts on the draft EU directive on e-invoicing gkholman06 years 44 weeks ago
EventUN/CEFACT 22nd Forum gkholman06 years 45 weeks ago
EventCANCELLED - UBL hands-on training class in Europe (with XSLT and XSL-FO offered as well) gkholman06 years 47 weeks ago
Forum topicUse of GS1 GLN in CustomerParty danga16 years 48 weeks ago
Forum topicAllowanceCharge on InvoiceLine feersels16 years 49 weeks ago
NewsUBL 2.1 Ratified as a Committee Specification gkholman06 years 51 weeks ago
NewsUBL Technical Committee Members begin internal ballot for Committee Specification gkholman07 years 2 weeks ago
NewsUBL 2.1 begins fourth public review gkholman07 years 7 weeks ago
EventUNECE Workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems gkholman07 years 13 weeks ago
Forum topicUBL 2.1 Freight Invoice now final? bchristensen17 years 13 weeks ago
Forum topicUBL- Functional Diference between StockAvailabityReport and Inventory Report cmfermdp87 years 22 weeks ago
EventCEN Workshop on 'Business Interoperability Interfaces on public procurement in Europe' Phase 3 (WS/BII 3) gkholman07 years 26 weeks ago
Event 1st European Conference on e-­Public Procurement (ECPP) and 1st Exhibition of European e-Platforms gkholman07 years 26 weeks ago
EventJTC 1/SC 32 Interim Meetings - WG1/WG2 gkholman07 years 27 weeks ago
EventeTrading in Eurasia Forum gkholman07 years 28 weeks ago
EventCEFACT Plenary gkholman07 years 34 weeks ago
EventJTC 1/SC 32 Plenary gkholman07 years 34 weeks ago
EventCEFACT Forum gkholman07 years 34 weeks ago
EventBII 2 Final Meeting gkholman07 years 40 weeks ago
EventFIATA World Congress 2012 bosak28 years 18 weeks ago
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