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UBL 2.1 OASIS Standard supported by OASIS membership

The OASIS membership ballot for UBL 2.1 OASIS Standard has satisfied the minimum 15% approval with no negative votes:

Yes     77     100%
No       0       0%
Eligible companies who have voted:      77 of 306 25%
Eligible companies who have abstained:   0 of 306 0%
Eligible companies who have not voted: 229 of 306 75%


Vote begins on UBL 2.1 as an OASIS Standard

From:  Jon Bosak, Co-chair OASIS UBL Technical Committee
Date:  2013-10-22

Five years of development to extend the OASIS Universal Business Language wrap up this month in a vote among the OASIS member organizations to approve the latest revision, UBL 2.1, as an OASIS Standard.


UBL 2.1 entering membership vote phase

The OASIS UBL 2.1 Candidate OASIS Standard public review ended October 15, 2013 with no comments requesting changes or describing errors.  This is a tremendous achievement and is evidence of no-one finding technical faults in the work product.  Over five public reviews the issues discovered were addressed and the end result is shown to be acceptable.

This qualifies the specification to progress to the next phase of OASIS membership voting on OASIS UBL 2.1 becoming an OASIS Standard.

A commentary in three parts on the draft EU directive on e-invoicing

UN/CEFACT 22nd Forum

Sardinia, Italy
14 Oct 2013 - 18 Oct 2013
Event Type: 

Use of GS1 GLN in CustomerParty

Dear all,


How can we indicate in CustomerParty that the IDs are Global Location numbers (EAN code) ?


We can see the CustomerAssignedAccountID, the SupplierAssignedAccountID and AdditionalAccountID but there is no way to indicate which scheme is used for the coding of these IDs.

Now I also looked at the UN/CEFACT and the CEN/BII specs. In the CEN/BII Core Data Model of the basic order these 3 IDs are even not used instead only the PartyIdentification is used.


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AllowanceCharge on InvoiceLine


I have case where an AllowanceCharge is calculated on InvoiceLine level. As I found in the UBL documentation, the LineExtensionAmount must include any discounts or surcharges.

So, in my case, LineExtensionAmount = PriceAmount - AllowanceCharge discount + AllowanceCharge surcharge.

However, when I try to validate the generated XML file on OIOUBL's website, I get an error stating the PriceAmount should be the same as the LineExtensionAmount.

I'm not sure what's wrong here. Here is an extract of the XML-file:


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UBL 2.1 Candidate OASIS Standard 60-day Public Review ends October 15, 2013

OASIS has announced the 60-day public review starting today, August 15, 2013, ending Tuesday, October 15, 2013:


Comments may be submitted to the TC by any person through the use of the OASIS TC Comment Facility as explained in the instructions located via the button labeled "Send A Comment" at the top of the TC public home page, or directly at:




Platform for B2B e-commerce & supply chain collaboration.

More business, Less waste. 

UBL 2.1 Ratified as a Committee Specification

Today OASIS TC Administration announced the availability of Committee Specification 1 of OASIS Universal Business Language Version 2.1:


The standardization process continues with the preparation of a 60-day public review and then a 14-day membership ballot to promote the Committee Specification to be an OASIS Standard as was accomplished for UBL 2.0.

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