UN/CEFACT survey of standards for eBusiness, Government and Trade

For several years the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (CEFACT) has been developing a set of electronic standards for international trade data. Progress has been slower than had been hoped for, and CEFACT is currently reassessing stakeholder needs and priorities to ensure that its work is addressing the most urgent requirements. The UN/CEFACT project teams responsible are consulting those already involved in CEFACT’s work as well as a selection of stakeholders that are not, in order to submit a report to CEFACT by the end of February 2010. They would be grateful if interested stakeholders would complete the online survey by 23 January 2010 at the latest.

There is a long standing collaboration to ensure that UBL version 2 converges with effective future standards from UN/CEFACT. This survey is an important means to promote these requirements and ensure the convergence moves in the right direction - a situation we would all benefit from. Therefore have your say now.

The survey is available at:


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