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Essay on "It's good to have a lot of friends".


"Don't have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends" - so says the well-known saying, and no one even thinks to doubt its justice. Indeed, can a man be unhappy if he is surrounded by loyal friends who share his interests and are always ready to help in a difficult situation?


I believe that pay for paper there are not many friends, but at the same time I do not strive to call every new acquaintance a friend. What matters to me is honesty in relationships, a mutual desire to communicate and spend time together. That's probably why all my friends get along with each other. And when we get together in a big group for a birthday or any other celebration, we never get bored.


Our favorite pastime - it's team games. We play them at home and in the yard. In addition to cheeks and catch-up, we all love the game called "Crocodile". Indeed, what could be more fun than trying to explain a phrase or word to others without words, using only gestures and facial expressions?


If you have essay editing service  lots of friends, it means you're never alone. Even in the summer, when everyone goes away, there are bound to be a few people left in town. You can go out with them, go to the movies or visit museums.


When I myself cpm homework help  go to camp during the vacations, some of my companions are sure to go with me. Sometimes, of course, we end up in different units, but it does not become an obstacle to our daily cheerful meetings and a pleasant conversation.


I don't know what I would do without my friends, who are all so different, but equally indispensable. There is almost never any jealousy or arguments in our relationship because we appreciate, respect and love each other so much.


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