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Approaching Women

If you want to start dating more women you need to start approaching more women, in fact if you want to be able to have more success with women in general learning how to approach is the greatest skill you can learn. Regardless of what people tell you approaching women is a skill and like most skills it can be taught to anybody.


For so many guys the reason that they are single is they don’t know how to approach women in a casual way and walk away with her phone number. Approaching women for many guys is the scariest thing in the world. Unfortunately the fact is if you don’t learn how to start approaching women correctly increasing your success in this area will be minimal.

The biggest reasons guys don’t approach women are:

1)The fear of rejection. 2) Not knowing what to say.

At Loveawake dating site we will show you how to get rid of that fear of rejection that has been holding you back. We can also teach you many different ways to open a conversation that will have you approaching women in a way that suits your personality.

Let’s look at rejection, 99% of guys will arrive at a venue and scope out a lovely lady that has sparked their interest, whether it be because of her looks, charm or overall character. Usually they keep their eye on her for a bit before approaching, this is their first mistake I say this because waiting builds anticipation and nervousness.

With building anticipation, the nerves will set in even greater, when most guys get nervous they start to make excuses to themselves and their friends why they shouldn’t approach her. They always think off the worst case scenario of what could happen if they do approach, so they just stand there and watch another guy talk to her.

The fear of rejection is just a build-up of your own nerves, the longer you leave it the worse these nerves will get. Believe it or not most women are just as nervous when they see you coming over. If you know any guys who are naturals with women you will notice they see a girl they like quickly access the situation and approach her.

The other common reason men are afraid when approaching women is the fear of not knowing what to say and acting the wrong way in front of her. Guys ask yourself this, how do you know what the “right” way to act is or the “right” thing to say when you don’t even know her?

Women come in all shapes, forms, and personalities, there is no “perfect man” that every single woman in the world wants! The best thing to do is to be yourself and strike up inviting conversation. She has all of the same thoughts racing through her mind at the time of your approach.

At Learn To Approach we can show you how: How to approach and opne a conversation with any women in any situation.

Your success with women will be in direct proportion to your ability to approach women. How many times have you seen a girl and wanted to go over to her but the opportunity passed and you ended up beating yourself up for the rest of the day about it. We will show you how to approach women day or night in any situation. Remember the one you don’t approach is the one you don’t date.

I am still amazed at what i hear guys say to girls in the first few minutes of meeting them. Most guys have 20-30 seconds of material, after that they revert back to the same old boring topics turning the encounter into more of a job interview than a fun conversation. We will show you how after you have opened the conversation how to stay out of the trap that 99% of guys fall into.

I see so many guys talking to girls for hours and when it comes time to exchange phone numbers it becomes a very uncomfortable situation. It does not need to be, we will show you how to get a phone number in a way that is very natural so you can avoid feeling uncomfortable. We will also teach you some ways that when you get her number it will actually be the correct number, how to leave messages and why you should never give her your number.

With any of our coaching packages you will be assigned your very own “approaching coach”. Together the two of you will come up with a action plan which will have you approaching more girls in a week than you would all year.

Our coaches can teach you to approach women in any situation. We will also show you why you don’t need pick up lines to open a conversation.

I think that it is very important to understand from the beginning that after you have worked with our coaches you will have the ability and confidence to approach any women at any time. We cannot guarantee or promise you will never get rejected again, you have to understand that every women you speak to is different.

If anybody is telling you they can teach you a way you will never get rejected again they are selling false hope. What we can guarantee is you rejection rate will significantly decrease and you will also know to handle rejection in a way that is doesn’t shut you down.

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