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How to write an essay correctly

Gradually, even a sixth grader learns to make small bookmarks, on which he briefly indicates what to look for. The ability to work with arrays of text, quickly looking for grains of different meanings in them, develops the brain and is especially necessary in the era of Google.
Perhaps this is the most difficult, exactly what is most difficult to teach. Children have different relationships with language, text. Some people naturally find writing easy. Some express their thoughts with difficulty.
The main thing here is practice and a good editor. And practice is possible, again, if the child has the opportunity to write essays not only “on literature” (the program of this subject is often far from the interests of a teenager), but also about what really worries him. And at the expense of the editor, the academic editing service is well suited, which helps to edit the text well. So you can practice and write good written work.
English and French children write works on different topics and in different genres: from an essay or a short story to a witness statement in an imaginary court.
Unfortunately, at school, no one, as a rule, asks this. But it is obvious that it is easier to learn to formulate when the topic excites you. For example: “How the view of people changes when you recognize them offline after a long purely online acquaintance.”
We again return to the fact that the composition is not really connected with literature. You can practice writing on your own using, without fear of bad grades, on the Internet. Reviews of films, books, even clothes, cosmetics or cafes. Travel stories. Funny stories.Thus, it will be good to train the creative skill.
Texts are also content. Short, long, whatever. Do you read them? So you can write. Such a skill is not even necessarily associated with writing texts - it is the ability to ask a question. It will be useful to a person, even if he will never write anything at all. To look at the situation, describe the problem, see its essence, edit it using and grab the details is already half the solution to the problem. Potentially, this ability provides order in the head, efficiency at work and harmony in relationships.
It is about such people that they say "intelligent". The one who sees the whole picture, and not just his piece of the puzzle, not only his “bump of sight”. Therefore, the ability to formulate a topic for an essay is priceless. Even within the framework of literary classics. But it is worth remembering that the more unusual the question is posed, the more interesting the result it can bring us.

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