UBL 2.3 published for public review

OASIS and the Universal Business Language TC are pleased to announce that Universal Business Language Version 2.3 is now available for public review and comment.

UBL is the leading interchange format for business documents. Specifically, UBL provides:

- A suite of structured business objects and their associated semantics expressed as reusable data components and common business documents.

- A library of schemas for reusable data components such as “Address”, “Item”, and “Payment”—the common data elements of everyday business documents.

- A set of schemas for common business documents such as “Order”, “Despatch Advice”, and “Invoice” that are constructed from the UBL library components and can be used in generic procurement and transportation contexts.

UBL v2.3 is a minor revision to v2.2 that preserves backwards compatibility with previous 2.# versions. It adds five new document types, bringing the total number of UBL business documents to 86.

For more information and for instructions for providing feedback, please see the original announcement from OASIS:


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