1st European Conference on e-­Public Procurement (ECPP) and 1st Exhibition of European e-Platforms

Barcelona, Spain
20 Mar 2013
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The objectives of this 1st European Conference on e-Public Procurement and 1st Exhibition of European e-Platforms are:
Discussing the implications of the single digital market on public procurement;
Presenting the new advances of e-procurement available through Software as a Service (SaaS);
Discussing the role of e-procurement to improve the management of each
Identifying major macro-economic benefits due to the dissemination of e-public procurement;
Discussing alternative strategies to simplify and to overcome e-procurement obstacles;
Analyzing the new European Directives for e-public procurement;
Presenting e-procurement impacts on innovation and on SMEs access to public markets;
Proposing new initiatives to increase cross-border public procurement.
An exhibition of “best-of-breed” services of e-platforms is open during the whole day.

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