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What are some important HTML basics that you must know

If you code in HTML or just have started learning it then you must be very clear about the basics of this markup language. So, today this blog gives you a list of important basics that you must learn at HTML5 & CSS3 training institute in Delhi or through online mode.

1 Heading:-

Heading defines the important points. There are 6 heading tags in HTML given below:

  • H1
  • H2
  • H3
  • H4
  • H5
  • H6

The method of adding this heading in the document is very simple. Just write: <h1>Welcome to this blog</h1>

This is how you will add other heading tags.


2 Paragraph:-

In order to write the normal text we use paragraph tag in the HTML code. The syntax for paragraph will look like this:  <p>Add the paragraph here</p>. It’s very simple to understand and add.

3 Links:-

Hyper links are need of every website. In HTML, we use anchor tag for this. Syntax is: <a href=””>Learning multimedia</a>.

4 Images:-

In order to add images in the web page, you can use image tag. Follow the given below code to add images.

<img src=";ssl=1" alt="Web Design Training Institute in Delhi" width="390" height="355" title="Web Design Training Institute in Delhi">

5 Line-Break:-

To break the line or paragraph, we normally use this tag <br> in HTML document.

6 Strong:-

In order to highlight some of the important points in the paragraph, we generally make that part bold. Similarly, in HTML code, we use <strong>word you want to make bold</strong >tag for this. 

7 Ordered list:-

In order to present content in the form of list we use two major types of list tags: ordered and unordered list.

For ordered list we follow the following format:


<li>First point</li>

<li>Second point</li>

<li>Third point</li>

<li>Forth point</li>


This will present the list of numbers.


7 Un-ordered list:-

In order to present content in the form of bullets points, we use unordered list tag.


<li>First point</li>

<li>Second point</li>

<li>Third point</li>

<li>Forth point</li>


This show the list in bullets point style.


8 SuperScript:-

In order to present the trade mark, copyright or registered icons, we use <sup>TM</sup> tag.

There are many more tags like these one to use. But these are must to know if you are web design course in Delhi student. Also to learn more about these tags and markup languages joining web design courses in Delhi is highly recommended.

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