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A Guide To Buying Colorblind Glasses


If you are thinking about buying colorblind glasses for yourself, or your child, or giving them as a gift to someone, you need to know a few things to make sure it is a good idea or not.

This is my honest opinion to help you with your decision and I don't get any commission from any company to promote their products.  

1. How Effective Are Colorblind Glasses?


There are a lot of articles on the internet that some of them believe they work while others have the opposite opinion. If you ask "Can These Glasses Really Fix Color Blindness?" The answer is NO. But they can help a colorblind person distinguish between colors like purple and blue, or brown and green color.

Colorblind glasses for color-blind people may improve the wearer's ability to perceive color contrast, vibrancy, and depth. These glasses are made with certain minerals to absorb and filter out some of the wavelengths between green and red that could confuse the brain.

Color blindness-correcting glasses will not change color perception for people whose deficiency is caused by a complete absence of red or green photoreceptors. And the positive effects of the glasses last only as long as they are being worn. The glasses don't in any way modify a person's photoreceptors, optic nerves, or visual cortex to fix color blindness. 

Again, this is not a cure, and the results do vary. Color perception is often different for each person so everyone’s experience will not be the same. There are so many people that colorblind glasses didn't work for them at all.

2. What Is The Best Brand Of Colorblind Glasses? 

All of the brands use similar technology in their glasses, but their price is different depending on the quality of the glasses and in which country they produce them. 




Some color blindness correction glasses are designed primarily for indoor use, where artificial lighting can affect the way you see colors. Others are designed mainly for outdoor use; they work better in sunlight because they offer greater tinting on the lenses.

3. Do Colorblind Glasses Cost A Lot?


OUTDOOR glasses price range from $229 - $389 

INDOOR glasses price range from $229 - $429 

$189 for kids


Colorblind glasses prices range from $104 - $354 

$94 for kids


Colorblind glasses price range from $257 - $417 

Lenses price range from $65 - $123 

4. If I Wore Colorblind Glasses, Would I Cry?


I don't think so. There is a reason for what you see on the reaction videos online, I think some of those videos are from the marketing department and not representative since there are limits to what the glasses can do. 

But I notice that those videos always have someone gifting them as a surprise, which suggests part of the emotional weight is that other people noticed and cared, and this is beautiful and makes people cry. 

Anyway, when you've gone your life without something that is so integrated into a majority of people's lives, it can be overwhelming when you experience it for the first time.

Have in mind that if you buy it as a gift it's possible that the glasses do not work on the person and it could be embarrassing moments. 

5. What To Do After Buying Colorblind Glasses?


Most people start to use the glasses in different places and enjoy using them for a while. More than just seeing colors or distinguishing between colors like blue and purple colors have a serious impact and can improve our life. That's what we should bring into our lives to see the real changes as colorblind people.

Even if colorblind glasses work for you or not, people with color vision deficiency need to learn how to use colors in their daily life use like matching their clothes or for their color-related hobbies and profession.

If you like to learn some tips & tricks then my suggestion is to start the online training course designed for colorblind people. Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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