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Semantic Representations of the UN/CEFACT CCTS-based Electronic Business Document Artifacts

The purpose of this SET TC deliverable is to provide standard semantic representations of electronic document artifacts based on UN/CEFACT Core Component Technical Specification (CCTS)  and hence to facilitate the development of tools to support semantic interoperability. The basic idea is to explicate the semantic information that is already given both in the CCTS and the CCTS based document standards in a standard way to make this information available for automated document interoperability tool support.

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Electronic Document Interoperability in eBusiness and eGovernment Applications

This special issue contains articles addressing document interoperability from several different perspectives. The first three articles demonstrate the use of UN/CEFACT CCTS and OASIS UBL specifications.

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A Survey and Analysis of Electronic Business Document Standards

No document standard is sufficient for all purposes because the
requirements significantly differ among businesses, industries, and
geopolitical regions. On the other hand, the ultimate aim of business
document interoperability is to exchange business data among partners
without any prior agreements related to the document syntax and
semantics. Therefore, an important characteristic of a document standard
is its ability to adapt to different contexts, its extensibility, and
its customization. The UN/CEFACT Core Component Technical Specification

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iSURF eDoCreator: e-Business Document Design and Customization Environment


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A Semantic based Solution for the Interoperability of UBL Schemas


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