UBLish v2.0.alpha Availble - Now You Can!

  2008 Sep 22

UBLish v2.0.alpha is now available for early download! If you like what XML-Spreadsheets for UBL 2.0 and UBL v1.0 IDD draft could do for you, now you can generate them, as well as any Excel spreadsheet content, directly by yourself!

UBLish v2.0.alpha is an inter-schema helper (ish) software that assists in conversions from UBL spreadsheet models into various derivatives like UBL schemas, customized schemas, XML-Spreadsheets, and generation of random test instances.  It is an open-sourced project made available under Apache License.

This alpha version is an early release which mainly features XML-Spreadsheet capability under the "Spreadsheet->XML" menu.  This feature transforms spreadsheet content into ready-to-use XML-Spreadsheet format from which users could apply their favorite or even in-house power tools to make derivative works such as: 

   * UBL schema,
   * customized schema,
   * other non-W3C schemas (eg RelaxNG),
   * test instances,
   * UML diagrams,
   * other XML representations,
   * visual images,
   * software help texts,
   * others

Different users with differing needs and current capabilities could then leverage on their knowhow and transform the spreadsheet content into various other forms that fit them, instead of waiting or searching for a tool that transforms directly from spreadsheet into the final form.  It would be exactly what XML interchange has been designed to do.  The usage is really up to imagination!

UBLish v2.0.alpha also features entire directory conversion.  By allowing user to specify a directory of spreadsheets (which may be in the tens or hundreds of files), UBLish becomes a simple productivity tool to transform important data stored in spreadsheets into simple, easy-to-use XML-Spreadsheet format to provide more channels of accesses to the spreadsheets' content.

All comments, suggestions, feedbacks, bugs, etc are most welcome!

Chin Chee-Kai

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