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Crane Softwrights Ltd.: UBL, XPath, and code list resources

Crane Softwrights Ltd. periodically publishes new and revised free developer resources related to the Universal Business Language specifications and the genericode code list specifications. A partial list includes:

  • UBL 2.0 model summary reports in HTML
  • UBL International Data Dictionary contents in genericode files
  • United Nations Layout Key stylesheet UBL instance rendering
  • codex stylesheet UBL instance rendering
  • genericode and context/value association file rendering
  • UBL 2 instance pruning filters in XSLT and Python
  • UBL 2 XPath summary files in text and XML
  • simplified UBL schema customization tools

An XML RSS Feed includes all up-to-date release information for these and other Crane resources.

Originally submitted on UBL Support SC [2007.02.01]

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