Yuki spreekt vloeiend UBL - Dutch drivers get the message!

Do you speak UBL? 

UBL billboard campaign

Huh? UBL? This question aroused the curiosity of Dutch motorists this summer.

Dutch ERP company Yuki (https://www.yuki.nl) were so proud to announce their facility for electronic invoicing in the OASIS UBL format that they ran a two-week billboard campaign around the ten largest cities in the Netherlands.

The message: Yuki is fluent in UBL.

Yuki's campaign describes UBL as a computer language used to exchange e-invoices between companies. The great advantage of UBL is that all information is completely automatically recognized. You do not even have to scan. The probability of errors and a fully-date online bookkeeping is within reach.

Yuki speaks fluent UBL, allowing various wholesale and telecom suppliers to send their bills digitally.

Dankzij Yuki.


UBL Billboard  

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