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MXV stands for Model-driven XML Vocabulary Design using OASIS UBL NDR 2.1.

MXV lets you create your own UBL NDR-like XML Schema Library and document schemas.

Your data model is input to MXV, which validates your model and generates your UBL-NDR-like XML Schema Library and document schema XSDs. OASIS Genericode, OASIS Context Value Association, ISO Schematron skeletons may optionally be generated.

MXV is particularly suited for document schemas needing prescriptive structures, which is achieved by permitting a given CAC Type to have variants (AKA CAC Views) for differing  requirements in document schemas. Single encompassing CAC Types as we know them from UBL may be defined also.


MXV consists of:

1.       Your data model, providing the master vocabulary and definitions (AKA ontology)

2.       A variant of OASIS UBL NDR 2.1, providing the XML design standard
          (available courtesy of New Zealand Ministry of Education)

3.       A popular modelling tool (Sybase PowerDesigner), providing ‘out-of-the-box’ visual,
          concurrent modelling and impact analysis
          (Sybase license required)

4.       Change Management Process and other documentation
          (available courtesy of New Zealand Ministry of Education)

5.       Optional MXV Productivity Tools, efficiently implementing your versioned change iterations
           (MXV license required)


Note: An organisation’s commitment to the master data model and its evolutionary maintenance are critical to any successful XML vocabulary implementation, including MXV.

MXV is industry-independent and portable, requiring some initial set-up and configuration to your organisation's naming preferences and network environment.

MXV is successfully implemented at the New Zealand Ministry of Education. Their data model “ESDM” (Education Sector Data Model) feeds into MXV, which produces an XML Schema Library and document schemas referred to as “ESL” (Education Sector Language). References available.


For more info see:

a)      The Ministry’s case study “Model-driven Semantic Interoperability using Open Standards”
          available at

b)       “From UML data model to XML Schema Library using OASIS UBL NDR”.
          Animated and narrated Powerpoint slides (15 mins),
          presented at New Zealand State Services Commission in April 2009, available at (12.5MB pps file)

c)       More MXV details, including links to a narrated MXV Demo Video (60 mins) and a free MXV trial download at


Your comments, queries or suggestions are welcome.

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