UBL Technical Committee Plans for a Minor Release (UBL 2.1) in April 2009

The OASIS UBL Technical Committee is currently working on the next point release, UBL 2.1.

Due out in April 2009, UBL 2.1 will feature improvements to transportation documents, new document types for etendering, and expanded support for data input and reporting. Significantly, it will also include a mapping to the UN/CEFACT Core Component Library (08B).

UBL 2.1 documents will be backward compatible with UBL 2.0 documents. This means there is an opportunity to add information requirements from other contributors (such as you?).

The current UBL 2.1 schedule is:
  • Modelling May and June
  • Generate schemas in July
  • Produce draft 1 in August (Plenary)
  • Public review August/Sept/Oct (60 days)
  • Revision and new schemas in November
  • Produce draft 2 in December
  • Public review Dec (15 days) (Plenary in January 2009)
  • Revision and new schemas in February 2009
  • Produce draft 3 in February 2009
  • OASIS vote and publish March 2009
UBL contributors must be members of the OASIS UBL TC. OASIS memberships for individuals cost USD 300 per year, and there are also group rates for organizations; for more information, see
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