Do you need tools to support document interoperability?

Data interoperability remains an important problem in the industry today which is handled by the mapping experts and data consultants who understand the semantic meaning of each entity in a specific interface and define the mappings among different document artifacts, usually as XSLT rules.

In order to facilitate this costly and tedious process, the OASIS SET TC
has been established.

The SET TC provides standard specification of UN/CEFACT CCTS based standards such as UBL 2.0, GS1 XML and OAGIS 9.1 to facilitate the development of tools to support semantic document interoperability.

Currently, the SET Harmonized Ontology contains about 4758 Named OWL Classes
and 16122 Restriction Definitions conforming to the specification described in the SET TC Deliverable consisting of the following:
-    All of the CCs/BIEs in UN/CEFACT CCL 07B.
-    All of the BIEs in the common library of UBL 2.0.
-    All of the common library of GS1 XML.
-    OAGIS 9.1 Common Components and Fields
-    The Harmonized Ontology expresses the relationships
among the document artifacts of UN/CEFACT CCL, UBL 2.0,
OAGIS 9.1 and GS1 XML according to SET specifications.
-    The SET Harmonized Ontology is publicly available

The harmonized ontology computes the inferred ontologies and reveals the implicit equivalences and subsumtion relationships among the document artifacts hence indicating similarities among document components from different schemas.

In order to facilitate the creation of the OWL definition of document schemas, the SET XSD-OWL Convertor tool provided. This tool converts a CCTS based document schema into OASIS SET TC OWL Definition and is publicly available from

You can join this TC from


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